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*NOTE* This company is no longer in business. Site is still up until domain registration runs out and is for sample viewing only.

Here at FitLife Wellness Spa we care about you and your well-being. When you walk into our establishment you will sense the peaceful atmosphere with the welcoming decor and the calming music playing in the background. What makes FitLife Wellness Spa unique is the intuitive touch that the owner has taught each therapist. Each person and client is unique and require specific treatments. This is why we tailor every session to meet your needs.



At FitLife Wellness Spa we provide a holistic approach to all of our massage therapy sessions. This method embodies the whole person concept. The benefit here is that we deliver an experience that promotes healing of the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical body. This kind of balance can both relax and re-energize one’s self.

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Our therapists are qualified in a wide range of massage techniques. This allows for flexibility in how we can achieve positive results for our clientele. Each experience is personalized so that it can release the stress and tension that come with everyday life, whether, it be physical, emotional and so on. The goal our therapist strive for is one that not only treats the symptoms, but uncovers the reason so that an appropriate solution can be tendered. In turn this will achieve a stable state of symmetry with all parts that make a person whole.

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Fitlife Wellness Spa is here to make you feel and look your best. Come on in and experience it for yourself. For more information on our organization and the owner please visit the About section. If you would like to see the different services and therapies we provide take a look at our Services page. Feel free to look around at our other pages for additional information as well. We look forward to enhancing your well-being.